As cameras continue to roll on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Warner Bros has released the first image of Henry Cavill in costume as Superman. The move is likely a preemptive strike to unveil the first glimpse before the paparazzi and other camera-wielding onlookers snap a grainy photo of Cavill emerging from a trailer sipping some Starbucks.

The impressive cast officially added Laurence Fishburne to the mix yesterday, according to the LA Times. Fishburne will play Perry White, the tough editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, where Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent earns a paycheck. He’s also the first African American to ever play the role, dating back to the character’s first appearance in Superman #7 in 1940. It’s a milestone, to be sure, perhaps even overdue, but the real focus should be on Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan’s ability to add yet another top-caliber name to one of the best rosters in recent memory.

The cast includes Cavill, Fishburne, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as the Kents, Russell Crowe and Julia Ormond as Superman’s Kryptonian parents, and Christopher Meloni as a military general.

The suit itself has a rippled shine, like Thor’s armor, rather the Spandex of tradition, but the “S” is still prominent and unchanged on his chest and the cape is classic red. Other than the opportunity for wisecracks about his slick-backed hair, there isn’t much notably different from the iconic costume.