Last month, details finally emerged on the enigmatic Wachowski sibling’s Cobalt Neural 9 (CN9), their original and potentially controversial homosexual Iraq love story.

The media focus was on Vulture’s inside information about CN9’s secretive script, but buried near the bottom were a few potential casting choices for the Wachowskis’ other film, an adaptation of David Mitchell’s sprawling novel Cloud Atlas.

Thanks to Production Weekly, we know more about who has been offered a role and, more specifically, which part.

James McAvoy received an offer to play Adam Ewing, a traveling notary exploring the remote Chatham Islands on his way back to America.  The novel begins with his journal before abruptly shifting to another place and time.  McAvoy is currently shooting X-Men: First Class.

Tom Hanks has been offered the opportunity to play Dr. Henry Goose, a cynical surgeon to London’s elite and a passing acquaintance of Ewing’s.  Hanks’ schedule is filling up though.  Once he completes work on his second directorial outing, Larry Crowne, Hanks may move into Kathryn Bigelow’s next film, Sleeping Dogs, and is slated to work with Sandra Bullock in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close next year.

Halle Berry is considering the role of Meronym, a surviving member of civilization in a post-apocalyptic future where most of humanity was wiped out by “The Fall.”  Berry recently completed work on Dark Tide, an underwater shark thriller.

Ian McKellen was offered the part of Timothy Cavendish, a publisher in the early 21st century fleeing from the brothers of his gangster client.  His involvement may be in question if Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit ever gets off the ground.

The ubiquitous Natalie Portman was offered the part of Sonmi 451, a genetically-engineered server at a diner in dystopian Korea.  The account is an interview with Sonmi, a fabricant (clone), after she rebelled against society.  Portman has been offered just about every female role in Hollywood lately, especially after her bravura performance in Black Swan.  The latest rumor has her in line for Fox’s Alien prequel.

It should be noted that these are just offers and, in most cases, to extremely busy actors.  Their involvement will depend on scheduling and whether Andy and Lana Wachowski choose Cloud Atlas or CN9 as their next film.  Until we know more, what do you think of the potential picks?