Sam Worthington is attaching to star in Fox’s Commando, a remake of the 1985 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.commando-movie-poster

Announced in April 2010, David Ayers (Training Day, Harsh Times) is writing and directing the reboot and, according to Production Weekly, Worthington is already interested.

Fox is looking to put a “real world” spin on the main character, a retired special forces operative coerced onto a plane when his daughter is kidnapped to kill the rival of an exiled dictator.

The action hero landscape has changed drastically since the original in 1985, so Ayers’ take is said to involve more covert, tactical operations rather than some of the big, brawny action set pieces Arnold was able to pull off long before he became governor of California.

In his stead, Worthington has become a sort of de facto action hero with roles in Avatar, Terminator Salvation, and Clash of the Titans, but the English-born, Australian-raised actor doesn’t have the same charisma as Schwarzenegger, or even Sylvester Stallone, whose testosterone-infused The Expendables is a throwback to an era of musclebound stars and cheesy one-liners.

I suppose it was inevitable that Worthington’s name would surface, but I was hoping Fox and friends would look to a more exciting crop of talent like Chris Hemsworth or maybe Michael Fassbender.  In my opinion they made the right decision with Adrien Brody in Predators, a scrappy replacement with acting chops, not just a familiar face.  Alas, that seems to be a tall order from a studio remaking this Arnie favorite, along with developing reboots of Conan, Red Sonja, and Total Recall.