Paul Greengrass is considering directing duties on Fox’s remake of the 1966 sci-fi thriller Fantastic Voyage.  As previously reported, James Cameron will serve as a producer on the project that will likely use the same stereoscopic 3D technology as Avatar.

The sci-fi story centers on a process that allows objects to be shrunk indefinitely.  When the father of the technique is nearly killed, a team must board a shrunken submarine and pilot it to the blood clot in order save the scientist while encountering biological obstacles.  Science fiction author Isaac Asimov wrote the film’s novelization, and the concept later became an animated TV series and a painting by Salvador Dali.

The new script was written by Shane Salerno.

According to Heat Vision, directors Roland Emmerich and Tarsem Singh both circled the movie at one point since the remake started development in 1984.

If Greengrass does accept the position, it will be his first foray into the science fiction genre.  I wonder how well his shaky hand-held camera style will work with massive 3D cameras and blood cell special effects.  Greengrass’ most recent film, Green Zone, was a box office bomb and he’s all but sworn off doing a fourth Bourne movie with Matt Damon.