Paramount Pictures has found its director for Paranormal Activity 2. Tod Williams, also known as Kip, is taking over the eerie, low-budget franchise.

I’m afraid I missed Williams’ previous two features: 2004’s Door in the Floor and 1998’s The Adventures of Sebastian Cole. He’s not exactly Brian De Palma, who was rumored last month, but at least it isn’t Akiva Goldsman, who instead took an executive producer role.

The director position was up for grabs after Lionsgate snatched Kevin Greutert from the job and forced him to return for Saw VII (Saw 3D) instead.  The two Hollywood studios have been battling since the original Paranormal Activity trounced Saw VI at the box office last October.  Paramount continued to torture Lionsgate when it scheduled its sequel on October 22, the same date as the seventh gruesome trap flick.

The announcement comes from the official website and Oren Peli, who wrote and directed the original but will only serve as a producer on the follow-up.  Peli added, “I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but I promise you’ll be surprised.” Rumors have circulated that Micah Sloat may be returning for the sequel somehow, though they’re unconfirmed and based almost entirely on speculation.  Production on Paranormal Activity 2 starts this May.