Yesterday, Sylvester Stallone filmed a scene with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger for his upcoming August release The Expendables.  Finally, the three biggest action heroes of our time are going to be on camera.  Plus that Planet Hollywood reunion we’ve all been waiting for.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The announcement came from set blogger Ethelmae“While I can’t/don’t want to give too much away I can tell you that Arnold’s character is Trench and Bruce is Church, the scene was shot in an empty church without extras and minimal set dec[oration] and it has tension and humor.”


Bruce Willis

Stallone plays Barney Ross, a leader of a group of “expendable” mercenaries sent into South America to overthrow a dictator.  The rest of the team consists of Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, UFC fighter Randy Couture, and Eric Roberts.  The only action stars missing from this are Van Damme, Steven Seagal, and maybe Kurt Russell, but otherwise this is a monstrous cast.

Sly wrapped the movie on the same day and now it’ll be in post-production for a few months in preparation for a summer marketing push starting in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

Meanwhile, the 63-year-old actor is already gearing up for a Rambo 5 with a science fiction angle about mutant creatures.  Seriously.

Update: This article previously contained rumors of a Rocky VII in the works, but the translated quote was taken from an interview before the release of Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6). Sly’s publicist says he is not working on a Rocky 7 and the 2006 movie was a “perfect bookend” to the series. Rumor debunked, but it doesn’t make Rambo 5 any less ridiculous.