According to his own Facebook group, Aaron Sorkin is writing a movie about how Facebook was invented.


In case you’re old, Facebook is the popular social networking site that has eclipsed MySpace as the best place to share photos, games, and constant minute-by-minute updates of what you’re doing. It started as a membership site for Harvard students by Mark Zuckerberg and grew into a massive network of over 100 million active users. There are several lawsuits pending from his classmates who claim he stole their source code for the site.

Sorkin is the Emmy award-winning creator of “West Wing,” the screenwriter for last year’s Charlie Wilson’s War, and A Few Good Men. His other shows, still among my favorites along with “The Wing,” are the short-lived “Sports Night” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”

I wish this was a cruel Internet prank, like the false “Cher as Catwoman” rumor that has been making the rounds at all the gullible websites. But Vulture seems to have found confirmation from producer Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men), who will be working on this project with Sorkin and Sony Pictures.

By the way, I tried to become friends with Aaron to impress my friends, but he’s currently not accepting requests from lowly bloggers.