11-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys and White Stripes frontman Jack White will perform the theme for the new bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

The song, written by White, will be called “Another Way to Die,” a perfectly acceptable title for the movie instead of the current “Worst Title in the History of All Titles and Words.” It is the first duet in the history of the Bond franchise, now on its 22nd movie.

Since I’m the only one who liked the Chris Cornell theme for the last Bond (Casino Royale), I’m apparently not qualified to comment on the musical quality that may ensue. Once again my dream of a Bond theme by Tenacious D will have to wait another year.


In other Alicia Keys news, she continues to try to make the trendy transition from music to movies. She was one of the characters forgotten immediately after the release of Smokin’ Aces and she apparently had a role in Nanny Diaries, but I must have missed her while I was staring at Scarlett.

But this time it wasn’t her trying to get a role that was written for someone with talent. Producer JC Spink told UGO he wants Keys to play Agent 355 in Y: The Last Man, an adaptation of the popular graphic novel.

The song is out October 28 and the movie is out November 7.