According to Variety, Jennifer Lopez will return to acting appearing in movies with the romantic comedy The Governess. “Jenny from the Block” hasn’t appeared in a movie since indie bomb El Cantante in 2006 with her husband Marc Anthony.

Story centers on a professional thief who, in order to pull off a major bank heist, poses as a nanny to the three unruly children of a wealthy widower. When she starts to fall for the kids and their father, she must decide if she can give up her past for a chance to start over.

Hmm, what to do, what to do… I could a) take a huge payday and retire with millions of dollars, or b) stay a nanny for three kids… This is why J-Lo gets paid the big bucks. To make these kinds of tough decisions.

The script was written by Kevin Wade, which might explain why it sounds almost identical to another worthless rom-com, Maid in Manhattan.

It might not sound like it, but I’m excited about her return to the screen. There aren’t enough formulaic romantic comedies being made these days. And if J-Lo didn’t make them, who would? Kate Hudson? Katherine Heigl? Reese Witherspoon? Julia Roberts? Drew Barrymore? Meg Ryan? Julia Stiles? Renee Zellweger? Cameron Diaz? Jennifer Aniston? Jessica Alba?

Ok, you get the point.