Universal has reupped producer Marc Platt for another five years and he’s already planning a sequel to Wanted and a big screen adaptation of popular stage production Wicked.


According to the Variety article, Plays said this about Wanted 2, “The writers are at work already, and those creative discussions are taking place.” Those discussions he’s referring to are the difficulties of continuing the franchise. I won’t spoil it any further, but those of you who have seen the movie will understand.


Wicked is the other project he’s working on, an adaptation of the widely successful musical. The stage production has made over $1 billion worldwide. For the record, Universal is also the distributor for the anticipated musical-to-movie Mamma Mia!, which opens tomorrow.

Universal production president Donna Langley said this about the next musical, “Our goal now is absolutely to make the Wicked film, but much like Judy Craymer wouldn’t give up screen rights to Mamma Mia! until the stage show had reached its pinnacle, Marc and Stephen Schwartz are very mindful of the right timing. But we’re dying to do it.”

I’m apparently the only one left who hasn’t seen it, so I read a synopsis to get caught up. It’s about the origins of familiar characters in The Wizard of Oz (a prequel of sorts) centering on the Wicked Witch of the West as a hero with good intentions who’s thwarted by the evil wizard. I’m told it’s great.

The witch’s friend Glinda was played once by my favorite 4′11″ blond, Kristin Chenoweth, so maybe she’ll be back for the movie.

Marc Platt is producing a few other musical movies, Nine with Daniel Day-Lewis and an upcoming Jesus Christ Superstar remake, Platt is also the producer of Jeff the Immortal.