According to the trades, HBO has granted greenlights to a few high profile new shows for the pay channel, while working to develop movies from the old ones.

It seems two months can’t go by without someone asking, “Hey, what about that Sopranos movie?” HBO is happy to respond vaguely every time.

Lombardo confirmed there are conversations about a Sex in the City bigscreen sequel and that HBO would be up for a feature rendition of “The Sopranos,” if series creator David Chase is willing.

They’d be up for it. That would be like someone offering me a million dollars cash with no strings attached and me saying, “Ehhhh, I’d be up for it.” Only HBO would be making a lot more than that.

As for the new shows, HBO apparently likes to keep it in the family. You’ll see what I mean.

Getting the go ahead is “Boardwalk Express,” a 1920s period drama about the birth of organized crime in Atlantic City.  It’ll be produced by Martin Scorsese and “Entourage” / “In Treatment” exec producers Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson. Terence Winter, a producer for “Sopranos,” will be the writer and showrunner.

David Simon, writer and creator of the best show ever “The Wire,” is creating a pilot for a show called “Treme” about New Orleans musicians post-Katrina. His “Generation Kill” Iraq war mini-series starts tonight.

Oh, and there’s some show called “Washingtonienne” about a lady who slept her way around D.C. (the city not the comics, you nerds). Sarah Jessica Parker is producing the 30-minute show based on the (and I quote) “saucy blog.” I wish my site was described as saucy. Let me try something. Nipples. How’s that for saucy?