The trades are saying Warner Bros and its sister company, DC Comics, are holding a “superhero summit” to discuss strategies for rolling out more DC heroes.

Warners released this statement when word got out about their high-level meetings: “While we are not going to go into the specifics of the meetings, we’re constantly looking at how best to exploit the DC Comics characters and properties.”

After the smash success of Marvel’s Iron Man and the moderate traction for The Incredible Hulk, WB is searching for tentpoles of their own in the arsenal of DC’s comic universe.

Why wouldn’t DC Comics be successful with more movies? After all, DC has managed to somehow reinvent a dead Batman franchise. And… um… then there was… Yeah, that’s it. Unless you count the semi-dud Superman Returns after a decade of pre-production changes. Then there was the failed Justice League movie, a Green Lantern idea that may never happen, a long-gestating Wonder Woman movie, and my personal favorite bomb, Halle Berry’s Catwoman. What could go wrong?

If Marvel can announce its slate until 2011, DC thinks it can do the same. Marvel is implementing plans for many of their popular characters in solo films, plus an Avengers adaptation combining many of the heroes. Meanwhile, DC couldn’t get their ridiculous Justice League movie out of financial trouble, which is good considering they had cast a list of amateurs.

Maybe this summit will mean those JLA rejects will have their chance. If Marvel can make an Ant-Man movie work that can mean only one thing for DC…. Hawkman.

Thoughtlessly ignored during the Justice League fiasco, Hawkman is ready to fly and I can think of no better character to save DC Comics. Marvel’s Thor uses a hammer. Hawkman uses a mace and shield! Marvel’s Wolverine is cool and all, but let me ask you this… can he fly? No! Hawkman can! You might’ve thought a suit of iron for a man was awesome, but what about a suit of Nth metal? I don’t know what that means!

Warner Bros, do the right thing. Give us Hawkman.