Legendary Pictures is making a follow-up to 300 with director Zack Snyder possibly returning.

Frank Miller, who wrote the graphic novel the original was based on, is writing either a sequel or a prequel to be adapted for the screen. It’ll be tricky considering many of the main characters died in the first one. The original made over $450 million worldwide.

Synder said he won’t commit until he’s seen Miller’s take on the story.

The problem with this story being in yesterday’s Variety isn’t that there’s a sequel to a movie being made without a script or source material in place, it’s that the trade paper continues to exclude credit to the online community.

The scoop was made by Collider, a great site that was able to get the producers of 300 to confirm a follow-up was in the works. Click that link for the original story on it before Variety printed it up the next day. Give ‘em some love. On top of that, Snyder confirmed the story later that night.

Why the pillars of journalistic integrity felt it was necessary to go and confirm a story that came directly from the producers and director still baffles me. But why they would cite a “frenzy online” and not talk about where it came from just angers me.

You may have noticed I haven’t been linking to the Hollywood Reporter or Variety in the past month or two. I support my fellow movie geeks on the web in the battle against the trades and linking to them only teaches them that ripping off news stories is ok.  I will, however, continue to tell you where the story came from.