Weekend estimates show Wall-E and Wanted both opening huge with $62.5 million and $51.1 million respectively. The G-rated Pixar film was expected to roll over the competition, but an R-rated Angelina Jolie proved to be a worthy opponent.

Only PG-13 juggernauts Iron Man and Indy opened larger than the cute little robot this year. It’s also the best reviewed film so far in 2008 (96% on Rotten Tomatoes).

New records all around for the top two movies:

The 3-day estimate ties Wall-E for third largest Pixar opening with Monster’s Inc. behind Incredibles and Finding Nemo (also from writer/director Andrew Stanton). It’s the seventh largest all-time for an animated film. Opening day, however, was Pixar’s biggest ever.

Wanted has nothing to complain about in second. It exceeded mid-40 range expectations to be the second largest opening total for a #2 pic ever. It’s also the 7th biggest opening ever for a movie rated R. Angelina Jolie is celebrating her biggest opening weekend ever with her thirty-seven kids.

Disney/Pixar is looking for a “Best Picture” Oscar nomination for its film and Universal is thinking franchise after the success of their assassin action.

Get Smart placed third with a respectable $20 million in its second weekend. Kung Fu Panda came in fourth ($11.7 mil) now that there’s animated competition. Incredible Hulk rounded out the top five ($9.2) inching closer to its budget and the 2003’s Hulk cume.

Love Guru took a 61% dive and will likely not make back its $62 million budget. I’m told $2 million went to put wacky mustaches on Justin Timberlake.

1. Wall-E $62.5 million
2. Wanted $51.1 million
3. Get Smart $20 million
4. Kung Fu Panda $11.7 million
5. The Incredible Hulk $9.2 million
6. The Love Guru $5.4 million
7. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull $5 million
8. The Happening $3.9 million
9. Sex and the City: The Movie $3.8 million
10. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan $3.2 million