News in Film has officially been on the Internet for a year today.  It still has a ways to go before it’s the best site ever, but a few tweaks here and there it NiF will be in the running for Best Ever with

Just as a heads up, a few things will probably change in order to make the site better.  First, there will probably be another layout update.  The current template is ok, but I’ll be re-designing something awesome soon.  It’ll be like taking your sweet ride and painting flames on the side.  That kind of new look.  Plus the logo still sucks, so I’ll come up with one that doesn’t… eventually.

Also, since the first post I’ve been talking about getting discussion going, rather than the constant ranting of a critic. I’ve practically begged in certain posts for people to reply with comments.  So going forward I’ll be coming up with new ways to encourage comments, discussion, and glowing fan mail.  If I have to bribe you by driving around in a van and offering candy, I will.

I’m actively looking for more people to write too.  Over the past year I’ve written 750+ articles and had two guest contributions.  I’m trying to hire another person or two to help out with news and reviews so I don’t get carpal tunnel.  And by hire I mean I can’t pay someone.  Unless you count pats on the back, in which case they’ll be making six figures.  If you know anyone, have them email me.

So that’s the latest news on News in Film.  Thank you for reading and supporting the site.