After a six year hiatus from acting to direct two boring movies, Mel Gibson will return to the screen for Edge of Darkness. He hasn’t acted since 2002 when he was in Signs and We Were Soldiers.

According to the Variety article, Gibson will play a straitlaced police investigator whose activist daughter is killed. He plunges into the case and uncovers systemic corruption that led to his daughter’s death.

The movie is based on a six-hour miniseries on the BBC in 1985. Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) will direct, which is only natural since he directed the mini. William Monahan and Graham King, who both won Oscars for The Departed are also on board.

I guess this answers the question everyone asked after his 2006 DUI tirade, “Will he ever work again?” For someone who is disrespectful to police officers he sure plays them a lot. All four Lethal Weapon movies, Mad Max 1-3, and now this movie.

Gibson is a strange dude, but I’ve never been disappointed with one of his performances. I’m looking forward to seeing him back in the lead.