Jonah Hill (Superbad) is in negotiations to star alongside Shia LaBeouf in Transformers 2.

Entertainment Weekly says he’ll play the comic relief. Which means he’s probably signing for the role of Sam’s college roommate, Chuck.

A leaked cast sheet a while back listed the potential characters in the film. Here’s how this guy was described. [CHUCK] 19-25 yrs., Sam’s roommate at Princeton. He runs a conspiracy theory website. Funny in an irreverent, edgy way, he is shocked to see his conspiracy theories come to life. (2nd Lead)

I think it goes without saying that this is a good choice.

Also rumored to be joining the cast is Teresa Palmer (December Boys), who was rumored as Wonder Woman, then later that she might be in the now “tabled” Justice League, then it was rumored she had been adopted by Paris Hilton and was being kept in a cage somewhere and fed fruit snacks.

So are these picks fake or real? Michael Bay has said before that he plans to leak false information to the press in order to keep the film a secret.

Well, if you like the idea, then Bay wants you to believe its probably real and you should get excited. But if you hate it, then this is total fantasy, a complete fabrication to preserve his art and to keep the fans guessing. Unless, of course, you actually like the idea, then it’s real.