All signs are pointing to the end of Justice League Mortal, at least with the current cast and crew.

The superhero ensemble movie has been doomed since the beginning, from issues casting recognizable actors to financial battles with the Australian government to the writers strike hiatus.

But after Australia refused to grant funding, the production was supposedly moved to Canada and postponed to a mid-year start date.

Then CHUD caught up with producer Joel Silver last week in his Speed Racer tour and asked him if his Wonder Woman movie would be affected by Justice League. His response was Justice League had been “tabled.”

Now Aussie paper The Herald is running a story saying Megan Gale’s role in Wonder Woman might be gone and the rest of the cast was “let go.” They’re citing insider sources and studio spies, but the official word from her agent is they’re just waiting on schedules.

As much as this movie has been plagued with production woes, it has also been the source of continuous misinformation (Hayden Christensen as Superman anyone?). So until this is confirmed by anyone officially, keep your fingers crossed.

It also doesn’t mean it has been canceled forever. It might just be gone for now with the option of resurrecting it at another time with new talent on board.