Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down) has been selected to direct The Tomb for Summit Entertainment, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The plot is described as a prison-escape movie whose main character execs say will emulate MacGyver in emphasizing brains over brawn… It centers on a security expert who must escape from a high-security prison that he designed, with a focus on ingenuity instead of explosions.

It sounds more like (and this may come as a shocker) “Prison Break.” In case you haven’t seen that show, Michael Scofield is some kind of brilliant genius that gets himself arrested to break his brother out of prison…. only for everyone to be locked up again to maintain the name of the show past the first season. In that show, Scofield was one of the men who helped design the prison… Sounds very familiar.

In one episode, he created an EMP out of a microwave and I thought, “How very MacGyver of the kid.” Turns out someone thought the same thing and now there’ll be a 2-hour movie version of the two shows.

Also, and I’m not sure if this is just a perfect coincidence or not, but Wadlow looks a lot like Mike Seaver from “Growing Pains.”