Update: CinemaBlend issued a retraction after talking with his representation. So ignore the rest of this post. Except the part where the Superman legal battle.

There’s a crazy new rumor out this week and its all thanks to booze. It isn’t the usual Lohan escapades though, but a drunken Adam Brody supposedly spilled details about Justice League Mortal while tossing a few back in Vancouver.

Brody plays the Flash in the movie, which has apparently relocated already to Canada following the financial debacle in Australia.

According to an anonymous tipster at CinemaBlend, Brody was signing autographs in a bar and said they were scouting locations for the movie there with director George Miller. Then he ran through the list of casting choices we pretty much already know.

Common is the Green Lantern. Armie Hammer Jr. is Batman. Megan Gale is Wonder Woman. Hugh Keays-Byrne is Martian Manhunter.

But then he said, Hayden Christensen is Superman.” Hayden Christensen. As in the angsty Anakin Skywalker of Episodes II and III of Star Wars.

I know the movie has been criticized a number of times for lacking credible “star power.” I’ve even taken shots at it myself. But adding the whiny Darth Vader to your movie isn’t going to help.

Christensen is one of those actors that has one movie where he showed some talent and now he’s considered a good actor. Everyone always throws out Life as a House when they talk about him. “Oh, but he was good in that cancer movie…” That was seven years ago. It might be time for him to show us that he might actually know how to act. And playing Superman in the doomed Justice League movie is just the role to do that.

Any way, it’s probably a bogus story.

Speaking of Superman, a court ruling this week (reported on in the NY Times) says the heirs of Jerome Seigl are entitled to a share of profits from the character as far back as 1999. It also said the ruling might change plans for JLM and the Superman Returns sequel, Man of Steel.