Michael Cera is in final negotiations to play the title character in Scott Pilgrim’s Little Life, directed and produced by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead).

According to the HR, “Life” tells the story of a young slacker (Cera) who meets the woman of his dreams but finds that he can only win her heart by battling and defeating her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

Ordinarily I would throw my hands up and say, “What the hell, another slacker movie? Are you kidding me?” But honestly I’m kind of lazy, so… I can’t really be bothered…

But it’s Michael Cera. He’s hilarious. Plus apparently, Hunter from Slashfilm says there’s a growing number of young ladies who are attracted to the scrawny awkwardness of Cera. That gives me hope, since I may or may not be a muscular-challenged individual with a propensity for random humor.

In case you missed the last Cera/Wright team-up, here is a hilarious interview the director did with the two stars of Superbad back in August.

You can’t wait to see Michael Cera and Edgar Wright unite, right? …tonight… kite…

Recently Edgar Wright finished the script for the comic-book adaptation of Ant-Man. That was about a month ago. No word on the progress of that movie.