Updated: AICN heard from a scooper that Gran Torino might be a codename for Dirty Harry 6!

Clint has said before he has outgrown the series age-wise (he’s 78). He even had trouble getting Million Dollar Baby made because people wanted another Dirty Harry movie.

But Eastwood has joked before about the possibility of another sequel, saying he imagined Dirty Harry long retired, and fly-fishing with his .44 magnum. Break out the gun, Eastwood, it’s time for both of you to come out of retirement.

If this is true, chalk another one up for the bloggers.

Clint Eastwood has signed with Warner Bros and Village Roadshow to direct and star in Gran Torino. Variety says the details of the story are being kept secret, so no one really knows much about what kind of role this will be.

The legendary actor and man’s man has said multiple times that he had retired from acting in 2002, but returned to acting at the request of the producers of Million Dollar Baby. Paul Haggis, who wrote that movie, said he tried to sign Eastwood for last year’s In the Valley of Elah, but Clint told Paul that he liked his acting career going out on top.

Well, he’s going back to acting, so someone must have convinced him this was a) something special, b) he would make a lot of money, c) all of the above.

The movie is tentatively scheduled for December 2008, which doesn’t really make sense because that sort of pits Gran Torino up against Changeling, which Eastwood also directed. That movie is scheduled for Nov. 7, 2008 and is already somehow an early Oscar contender. I guess we’re getting another double year of Eastwood movies like we did in 2006 with the conflicting WWII movies.

I’m also confused how this will affect The Human Factor, Eastwood and Morgan Freeman’s Nelson Mandela film. I guess that will be 2009’s Oscar bait.

One thing I’m certain about, however, is that Clint Eastwood is a good man. He’s extremely talented in front of and behind the camera and anything he makes I’m making a point to check out. Also, his name is an anagram for “Old West Action,” and that rules.