Anton Yelchin is in negotiations to star as Kyle Reese in the fourth Terminator reboot continuation future beginning extravaganza.

You may remember Kyle Reese from the original Terminator, played by Michael Biehn, who traveled back in time to impregnate a young, impressionable Sarah Connor in 1984. That son would later become John Connor, the leader of the resistance movement against the robot rebellion. John later frees Reese from a SkyNet concentration camp and he’s sent back in time to protect his mother so she can have him. Confused yet?

Yelchin will play a younger version of that character. According to the HR, he’ll be a teenager and will befriend Marcus (Sam Worthington), an early version of the cyborg later played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m assuming he’ll be a good cyborg, like Arnold in T2.

Playing John Connor in his 30s is Christian Bale. I would have to assume there’s some kind of strange pre-reunion between father and son, with the ages flipped. They’re going to have a hard time explaining all of this in the movie. I’m lost and I’m in Mensa.

Terminator 4 (the Salvation and Future Begins parts have been dropped) is the first film in a new trilogy produced by Halcyon Company. McG (Charlie’s Angels) will direct this one.

Also according to the Hollywood Reporter, Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, In the Valley of Elah) is in talks to work on the script for another sequel (T5). This can only mean multiple crying scenes and heartfelt moments between strangers.