The Wachowski brothers are developing a movie tentatively titled Ninja Assassin for Collin Chou, who played Seraph in the two Matrix sequels.

Chou told Sci Fi Wire he will be one of the four leads in a new fantasy movie produced by the Wachowskis. James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) will direct. They’re supposedly starting production in late April or early May in Berlin.

Chou couldn’t confirm the title. The rumors are already flying about what this movie could possibly be about. The popular one so far is this will be an adaptation of Ninja Scroll, a Japanese anime movie.

One of the other stars will be Korean pop star Rain, who can be seen in Speed Racer this summer.

“And this is a part that is built around me,” Chou said. “They have wanted to have me in a larger part, and I was waiting and waiting for a long time for it to happen.”

I’m excited to see him kick some more ass. I felt he was underused in the Matrix movies and this will give him a chance for more high-flying ninja kicks. Plus here’s how bad ass Chou is. He’s the villain taking on Jet Li and Jackie Chan in that Forbidden Kingdom movie. 2 on 1 against two martial arts legends. I know who I’m rooting for in that one.

By the way, Li and Chan might be doing a second movie together, according to Yahoo.

Any way, Wachowskis… ninjas… I’m in.