Here is something that will help that hangover. Your two favorite Irish cult classic assassins will be back for another Boondock Saints.

In a YouTube video, writer/director Troy Duffy announced a sequel to the 1999 movie, titled Boondock Saints: All Saints Day. Since YouTube pulls their videos all the time, check it out at /Film.

Duffy said they signed a deal with Sony Picture Studios and the original cast (Sean, Norm, Billy) were all excited to return (except for Willem Dafoe). They will start shooting in Summer 2008, according to the video.

He didn’t really have much else to say in the video, other than there will be a lot of “funky new roles.”

The original film is the story of two Irish brothers who set about knocking off mafia gang members in Boston. It only made about $30k while in theaters, but became a huge sensation on DVD.