Look, I haven’t been in the news business that long. But here’s one thing I learned on day one. The most reliable sources in media are strip club owners. If you can’t trust them, who can you trust?

“The Sopranos” faded last year into a much talked about final episode, capping a downward slide from somewhere around season 3. But not minutes after it faded to black and people were done yelling “What?!” at the TV screen, the rumors of a Sopranos movie flew around.

At that time the creator, David Chase, said a movie or any sort of spin-off were “unlikely.”

So what do strip club owners have to do with a possible Sopranos movie? Everything. They have to do with everything.

Nick D’Urso, manager of Satin Dolls (otherwise known as “The Bing”) said his planned renovations might be held off so as to preserve the location for a possible movie. This comes from the Times Herald-Record.

“I got an inside tip that they’re going to do a movie, so I don’t want to make any major changes … I’m not going to reveal my sources, but we got a call from somebody (working) on the script.”

Of course right now it’s still a rumor, but it sounds like the idea is at least being kicked around. I want to believe.

Don’t stop believin’