The DVD extras on the I Am Legend disc allow everyone to finally see the original ending for the film before it was reshot. Take a look at the leaked footage before it goes away:

There’s not much I really want to say about this clip because of potential spoilers, but I want to acknowledge it’s awful. An exceptionally boring way to end a movie not matter what is included before it.

I also want to point out that although this was the original ending before it was reshot, it still isn’t the ending written in the book by Richard Matheson, which is a poetic realization by Robert Neville that makes the title actually make sense. Again, I won’t post it because I don’t want to ruin the novel or the movie for anyone, but I encourage you to seek out this short book and see for yourself why the source material truly is better in this case.

I much prefer the theatrical ending to this garbage, but I would have liked to see a worthy conclusion for two-thirds of a good movie.

The DVD comes out April 28, 2008.