Geez, Rosemary gets around. And she’s surprisingly fertile. It looks like she’ll somehow pop out another baby forty years after the last one, this time with Platinum Dunes.

The Platinum Dunes studio, run by Michael Bay, is scheduled to remake 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby, originally directed by Roman Polanski, according to ShockTilYouDrop.

No writer and director yet, just intentions to ruin a horror classic.

But Platinum Dunes is responsible for a slew of bad horror remakes. The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre was their fault. The Amityville Horror redo/disaster. They’re even the ones pushing this Birds remake, which breaks the “you don’t remake Hitchcock” rule that Gus Van Sant violated. I never forgave him for that and I remind him on a monthly basis with the same phrase pasted from various magazine cut-outs.

There’s no stopping Platinum Dunes, I guess. Not content with making mediocre action movies, Michael Bay has to produce the same quality horror films. Which means another Rosemary’s Baby.

If anything there isn’t enough “coven” presence in movies today, so it isn’t all bad. Plus when was the last time you saw a movie about Satan impregnating a lady?

It will probably star another short-haired gal just like the young Mia Farrow of the last 60’s. Because mop-headed women are scary. Look at the creepy lady in The Shining. Janet Leigh in Psycho. Or Anne Heche… all the time.