Trailers: Step Brothers, Love Guru, Iron Man

The big news today comes in the form of video footage cleverly clipped together to form trailers.

The first trailer comes from Step Brothers, a comedy featuring the talents of Mr. Will Ferrell and his sidekick John C. Reilly (the C stands for comedy). The last time these two paired, we laughed along with Talladega Nights, because who doesn’t make fun of NASCAR?

This movie is about two forty-somethings that still live with their single parents. When their two parents get married, they become step brothers and are forced to coexist. What results is hilarity and probably Ferrell in his underwear again.

Some people are tired of the Ferrell shtick. I welcome more joy in my life, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Check out the trailer here. The movie is due in theaters July 25, 2008.

Though a different comedy that doesn’t look at all funny is The Love Guru. More character-based comedy for Mike Meyers, whose time has come and gone.

The trailer features the same jokes and gags from the Austin Powers trilogy that people have quoted to a slow and painful death. It features the comedic stylings of Jessica Alba, who has never been funny or a good actress, and Justin Timberlake, which goes without saying.

And oh, I almost forgot, Verne Troyer is still a midget.

MovieFone has the trailer in HD. This bomb will come out June 20, 2008 and be a gigantic disappointment for everyone.

During “Lost” on Wednesday, Marvel/Paramount ran a commercial for Iron Man, and then immediately put the trailer up for extended viewing on the Internet via MySpace TV. I have to commend them for that. Most companies are pulling clips from various websites or allowing grainy cell phone camera versions to spread around. The marketing for the latest Marvel comic book movie has been pretty flawless. They show a trailer during the Superbowl and then make it immediately available for repeat watchability (new word) online.

This movie still looks awesome. Hopefully it won’t be all CGI either. Favreau already said he envisioned a trilogy, so that rules.

You can check it out here at MySpace.