The Last Starfighter was one of those movies every 80’s kid grew up with. Any time Star Wars wasn’t running in the VCR, TLS would get popped in just to remind us all that playing video games constantly is a good thing.

No one really was ever asking for a sequel, but it looks like one is in development.

CinemaBlend got a tip from someone with more info on the project.

It is currently on the production schedule for a company called George Paige and Associates, and they list it as being distributed by Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures. Tonight I got an email from a scooper going by the name of ZondoDon, who claims that not only is it on the schedule, it’s about to start shooting next month.

The scooper also confirmed the title as Son of the Last Starfighter and will star Lance Guest (the original Starfighter).

The first movie was released in 1984, so doing a sequel is sort of strange, but I have no problems with it. I’m ready to see more low-budget sci-fi. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it though, I’ll have to try to find a copy.

Now if only we could get another Flight of the Navigator