In mid January when the strike was still underway, production for Justice League of America was put on hold indefinitely. The main problem was the script needed reworking before they could start filming. They even let the options lapse on the cast.

At that time I even wrote “I hope I never have to write ‘JLA is Back On’ in my lifetime.” Sigh. It’s a sad day for film lovers and comic book fans. Justice League is back on, Variety says.

Warner Bros is “pushing ahead” with plans for a 2009 debut, most likely during the summer.

Kieran and Michele Mulroney are working on making the necessary changes script, due in a few weeks.

The cast, in case you blocked this movie out like I did, is as follows: Adam Brody is the Flash. Common is the Green Lantern. Armie Hammer Jr. is Batman. Megan Gale is Wonder Woman. AICN threw out there this week that some guy named Hugh Keays-Byrne has been cast as Martian Manhunter. He’s the guy on the far left in that cartoon picture there. By the way, still no word if Hawkman will be in it. Or Hawkgirl. Or some sort of Hawkish hero.

There have also been rumors recently that JLA is facing financial problems with Australian officials and may be moving to a location in Canada. Who knows what will happen there. Hopefully nothing. Just let this movie die already.