Vantage Point topped the box office charts this weekend with an estimated $24 million, putting plenty of distance between itself and the holdover competition.

Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker and Eduardo Noriega in Vantage Point (2008)

The rest of the pack all took a step down the box office chart. Jumper fell almost 54% to second place with $12.7 million. The Spiderwick Chronicles, Step Up 2 the Streets, Fool’s Gold, and Definitely, Maybe all fell in line behind it. Spiderwick is the only movie that stands to hold well for a while because typically family films have more staying power. The only competition isn’t until mid-March with Horton Hears a Who!

Be Kind Rewind’s seventh place finish is a bit deceiving. The Michel Gondry film only opened on 808 screens, only about a fourth the screens of other wide openers. It made a respectable $4.1 million and a per theater average at $5k.

Juno and There Will Be Blood both made the top ten with a little help from the buzz surrounding tonight’s festivities. The teenage pregnant chick also won the Independent Spirit Award yesterday, which helped it stay in the top ten for its tenth consecutive week. Juno has made $130 million and There Will Be Blood has a total of $35 million.

Tanking this weekend though was the unfunny Larry the Cable Guy movie, Witless Protection, and the charming Charlie Bartlett. They both finished in 13th and 14th place respectively, making around $2 million each. Witless Protection is Larry the Gable Guy’s third star project and his worst opening to date. Maybe there is hope for the world after all!

Not exactly. Jessica Simpson’s movie, Blonde Ambition, was the biggest movie in the Ukraine this past weekend. It made $253,008 there, more than Atonement did in five weeks in the Eastern European ice land. In the United States, the movie made a grand/hilarious total of $6,422 over 2 weeks.  When it came out here it made about $48 per screen per day.  So about 6 people saw the movie on any given day.

Here’s your look at the weekend box office chart:
1. Vantage Point $24 million
2. Jumper $12.7 million
3. The Spiderwick Chronicles $12.6 million
4. Step Up 2 the Streets $9.8 million
5. Fool’s Gold $6.3 million
6. Definitely, Maybe $5.2 million
7. Be Kind Rewind $4.1 million
8. Juno $4.1 million
9. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins $4 million
10. There Will Be Blood $2.6 million