This news came out on Saturday, but I was waiting on some sort of official confirmation before going with it. Since I haven’t heard anything and everyone else seems to be running with it, I thought I would throw it out there. At this point this should be considered a rumor. A disappointing rumor.

I predicted this in my Rambo review last month, actually. I joked saying, “Hopefully we won’t see Cliffhanger 2 or another Judge Dredd.” Well, I’m sorry.

PR Insider says Sylvester Stallone is in negotiations with Sony Pictures for a Cliffhanger sequel called The Dam. I personally would have gone with the title Cliffhangerer. Or Cliffhanger 2: Stallone Never Gives Up… Ever.

Stallone recently resurrected his most popular series, Rocky, to overall success and welcomed healthy nostalgia. Then he brought back Rambo to generally lukewarm reception. Now he might be back for another head-scratching sequel, probably to confusion and apathy. Not content with redoing his own franchises, he’s also announced that he plans to remake Charles Bronson’s Death Wish and The Mechanic.

Someone stage an intervention! Stop this man from ruining old classics with remakes and unnecessary sequels. There are plenty of scripts out there that the aging action star can bring to the big screen, why a rehash of films we’ve already seen?

Can you even name the main character of Cliffhanger? There’s Rocky. And Rambo. And… Gabe Walker?

I would rather him do another Cop Land, his only other good movie, but in an interview recently he said doing that movie was “a mistake.” I noticed the tag line for it was “No one is above the law.” In Judge Dredd he famously growled, “I am the law.” Signing Stallone up for another sequel should be against the law.