The first look at Richard Kelly’s next movie, The Box, is available from Twitch Film.

It reminds me of the “Pop-o-matic” from the board game Trouble.

Apparently Donnie Darko was such a good movie that Kelly gets another shot at impressing producers and fans after the abomination that was Southland Tales.

That movie was so bad I thought it was a joke. I thought the big twist ending was Richard Kelly was going to come on screen and start openly laughing in my face. I felt like I was on wrong end of a huge inside joke. There was no other explanation for a project so ambitious and star-studded to be a completely incoherent mess.

Well, The Box is his chance at redemption. It’s a bit more mainstream than his first two films, I suppose, but the premise is a rehash of an 80’s “Twilight Zone” episode. I guess he’s going for the whole David Lynch thing?

Here’s the synopsis:

The gripping story of a desperate couple, Norma (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur Lewis (James Marsden), who are faced with a terrible dilemma when a mysterious glass box turns up at their door. If they press the button inside the box, they’ll get enough money to save their ailing son, but in exchange, someone, somewhere in the world will die. When the temptation to save their beloved son becomes too much to bear, Norma pushes the button. Immediately, a gunshot rings out somewhere nearby. Consumed with guilt. Norma must do everything in her power to solve a murder she has knowingly caused.

The Box holds more than just the fate of a random stranger. It holds Kelly’s future. Will he be regarded as a brilliant visionary with a forgivable misstep? Or will he be a one-hit-wonder hack like M. Night Shyamalan? I hope it’s the first on because somehow I’m still rooting for him.