New Line Cinema’s first animated feature, Planet 51, has announced its voice cast. The list includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jessica “Bodacious Booty” Biel, Justin “Apple Guy” Long, and Seann William “Stifler” Scott.

The film is about life on Planet 51 and their fear of an alien invasion. When Captain Chuck Baker (Johnson) shows up from Earth, he has to avoid capture from the frightened inhabitants. He befriends a local sidekick name Lem (Long) who has his own sidekick, Skiff (Scott).

And what’s a movie without a love interest? Jessica Biel will voice Neera, Capt. Baker’s green alien lady friend. I’m not really sure why Biel was chosen since her appeal isn’t exactly her perfectly round… voice.

I like DJ Rock. A year ago I would have laughed at this and said, “The Rock? Why?” But his voice fits the look they’ve created so far (goofy white guy/Buzz Lightyear). Plus after seeing him in the bad movie that was The Game Plan, I’m on his side. He was charismatic, funny, and had no trouble entertaining for a full-length film.

He better carry it well, because New Line has invested $60 million in the project. Not a huge amount as far as movies go, but still substantial for their first animated outing.

The movie was written by Joe Stillman, who wrote the first and second Shreks because the last one jumped the shark without him.

Planet 51 is due out July 24, 2009.