The only reason I know Hannah Montana exists is because my roommate took her sister to a sold-out concert. Apparently I am way out of the loop.

In case you’re a clueless as I was, Hannah Montana is this a Disney Channel character played by Miley Cyrus (Billy Ray Cyrus’s 15-year-old daughter) that is a sensation in the tween world. Disney put together a 3-D movie of her concerts and backstage footage called the Best of Both Worlds Concert for a one week engagement. That film is now the number one movie in America and the biggest pure 3-D opening in history.

Tickets went on sale for the movie on December 1 and about 1,000 showings were sold out. They were even adding 8am screenings. Who sees a movie at 8am? Fandango said this week the tickets accounted for 91% of all their online sales. It also cracked the top ten largest pre-sales in history (the only non-sequel), which includes the likes of Star Wars, Matrix, and Lord of the Rings final installments.

Hannah Montana made $29 million this weekend, the largest Super Bowl opening in history. It’s also the first time a pure 3-D movie has been number 1 at the box office and the best-selling single-week engagement film. Of course, Disney announced they’re extending its run beyond one week because of the success. It’s super impressive considering the movie is only playing on 683 screens across the country, making it the largest opening for a movie playing on less than 1k screens. This gives it a massive $42,459 per theater.

In case that still hasn’t impressed/disgusted you yet, Variety ran a story before the weekend started saying even if all the shows were sold out, the most it could make was $30 million. It got pretty close. It only cost the studio about $7 million to make.

Playing on four times the screens was The Eye, another remake of an Asian horror movie, which only made $13 million on a light weekend at the movies. It’s about the same opening as the number one movie this time last year.

It’s strange to see 27 Dresses keep the third place slot, until you consider that this weekend mostly women were out at theaters. They accounted for another $8.4 million to this bad romantic comedy.

The “guy movies” (Rambo, Cloverfield, and Meet the Spartans) all dropped about 62% from last weekend.

Juno is back in the top five with $7.5 million, now in its ninth week of release and seventh consecutive week in the top ten.

The other two wide releases absolutely tanked. Over Her Dead Body was a bomb, just like I predicted, in 11th place with only $4.6 million. And someone thought it was a good idea to run a male-skewed Strange Wilderness on the weekend of the Super Bowl. It finished 13th with just $3 million.

Here is your tweeny box office chart:
1. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour $29 million
2. The Eye $13 million
3. 27 Dresses $8.4 million
4. Juno $7.5 million
5. Meet the Spartans $7.1 million
6. Rambo $7 million
7. The Bucket List $6.9 million
8. Untraceable $5.4 million
9. Cloverfield $4.9 million
10. There Will Be Blood $4.8 million