After a successful first weekend, Paramount has jumped immediately on signing producer J.J. Abrams and director Matt Reeves for another Cloverfield movie.

The original only cost the studio about $25 million to make due to relatively unknown casting choices, but it made $46 million in the opening weekend after a sly viral marketing campaign.

It will be much more difficult this time around though. The mystery is gone and the same tricks won’t work to draw in unsuspecting audiences. While I wouldn’t mind a sequel, I expect the opening to be a fraction of the original’s.

At the box office, the film dropped 68% in its second weekend, meaning it brought people in with the hype, but the word-of-mouth did not add many more. The second time around it will have lost those it annoyed with the gimmick and the motion sickness.

It’s a catch-22. If they keep to the same style they risk appealing to less viewers. If they change it up, we could be looking at a disaster of Blair Witch Project 2 proportions.

But Variety says they also signed Reeves up to direct a film called The Invisible Woman. Abrams will produce again. The movie would be loosely based on the Hitchcock film from 1940 about a former beauty queen who turns to a life of crime to protect her family. I’m not sure if the character would actually be invisible based on that synopsis, but looking back on the original it was science fiction. I doubt we’ll get any more details though, knowing how these guys operate.

Right now they haven’t decided which will be the next movie for Reeves.