According to the Hollywood Reporter, the chief of Nu Image/Millennium, Avi Lerner, is upset because the WGA hasn’t granted the indie studio an interim work agreement.

The only studio to ever send NiF a “Cease and Desist” letter is hoping to get to work on their new acquisition, the “Conan the Barbarian” franchise, and do reshoots on Righteous Kill.

The WGA has so far granted temporary agreements to put some writers back to work at the Weinstein Co., United Artists, Summit, Overture, and Lionsgate.

No decision has been made by the Writers Guild on whether to grant a waiver, but a representative told the company Nu Image is too lightweight to put pressure on the major studios. Ouch, nothing like being told your business is insignificant.

But is that really the case? They seem to have granted waivers to a lot of small companies to send a clear message, why not Nu Image?

Maybe it has to do with the comments from Lerner (pictured left) earlier this month. He said, “[A waiver is] a possibility, though I haven’t studied it enough to make a final decision. The whole strike is stupid, in my opinion. [The WGA] approached us, indirectly, to make some kind of deal, and we are looking at it.”

Oops. Look, I know Valley Forge is tough in the winter, but maybe you should try not to take it out on the one organization that can help save your business.

He then said this:

“I have an opinion about the strike. I think it’s unjustified and harming the people who are striking. My opinion is that this union of writers is the most stupid union in the world. There are some who are making $2 million and others who aren’t working at all. I know that this will create a lot of animosity against me, but I’m not scared. I think what they’re doing is rubbish.”

Lerner is a brilliant, brilliant man.