Updated with the latest information from Variety.

Dennis Quaid has been added to the cast as General Hawk, according to the trade. A very good choice, in my opinion. If we had to go to fake battle right now, I’d want General Quaid leading the charge.

Channing Tatum has been rumored as being on the short list of actors being considered for the role of Duke in the upcoming G.I. Joe. Others up for the part were “Lost” member Matthew Fox and Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans.

AICN has confirmed that Tatum was the one selected for the role of Duke.

27-year-old Tatum will play the leader of the soldiers, while Dennis Quaid will play the “grizzled team leader.”

Tatum’s resume includes She’s the Man (also playing a character named Duke, by the way) and the original Step Up. Twinkle Toes is pictured left at the premiere for the latter. From teen romances to army soldier?

The director (Stephen Sommers) has been toying with fans since the beginning, announcing the good with the bad along the way. Ray Park: Good! Sienna Miller: Bad! Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Great! Marlon Wayans: Terrible!

I expect to hear any day that Cobra Commander will be Daniel Day-Lewis and Shipwreck is Rob Schneider.

The movie is scheduled for an August 7, 2009 release.