Moviehole has been all over a new Jack Ryan movie in the works at Paramount.

Apparently the studio has the rights to the Jack Ryan character, but not for the Tom Clancy novels he appears in. If they base the story off of a book, they have to do the right thing and get permission from the author.

Instead Paramount plans to make another Jack Ryan movie with a completely original story not based off of a Clancy book, possibly called By Any Means Necessary.

Philip Noyce (director of Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games) has already denied involvement directly to Moviehole, but did give a little casting information. Harrison Ford will not be back as Ryan again. Neither will Ben Affleck as “Young Ryan.” Or Alec Baldwin as “Original Ryan.”

The rumor is Ryan Gosling will star in the new movie. Great actor, but I don’t see it.

The original script for By Any Means Necessary was supposed to be about “a cop who turns to a jailed mobster for insider information in order to stop a terrorist attack,” but is being reworked as a Ryan movie.

They had originally intended for the Ben Affleck version to be a total reboot of the franchise, setting up a few movies. But Sum of All Fears wasn’t well received, so Red Rabbit got canned.

Good news is there is a possible Rainbow Six movie in development somewhere with Tom Clancy’s approval. It’s always been on the very top of my list of “books to be made into totally awesome movies.”