Inside information on and then a confirmation from Variety say that Warner Bros. has put the Justice League of America movie on hold for an undefined amount of time.

In the past few weeks there have been rumors about the troubles for the project, including mismanaged financial deals with Australia for tax cuts and script problems that will need a rewrite somehow. Of course, with the strike, that would mean either waiting or some sort of unprecedented strike-breaking move.

With all the problems, WB made the decision to let the cast options lapse and not official start production on the film. This means that a spring start is definitely out of the question, but it doesn’t mean the film is officially canceled.

Variety says that since the cast is basically made up of unknowns, it’s safe to say they’ll wait it out in hopes that they’ll pick things back up soon. A longer strike though could mean JLA gets shelved permanently.

It’s time to let it die, WB. Take this as a sign and just let this thing die. It has been doomed since the very beginning. Since this idea was a mere light bulb above the head of an executive somewhere it was awful. Now it has morphed into a level somewhere above the scale of terribleness that no one has ever seen before.

An animation director that hasn’t done live-action in over a decade? Teen idols in superhero roles? No tie-in to the successful Batman or Superman franchises? A romantic love story? No Hawkman?

This postponement is great news and hopefully I won’t ever have to write “JLA is Back On” in my lifetime. Not unless they figure out how to do it right.