Tyler Perry seems to have carved his own little niche. His films are primarily focused towards the younger black audience, and his odd cross-dressing role as Madea has gathered a lot of fan support somehow. But you have to admit that he has created his own empire; writing, directing, starring and producing his films that make $50+ million.

My first foray into the world of Tyler Perry with Why Did I Get Married? actually wasn’t a bad experience. It was a bit sappy and motivational for my tastes, but I guess I can see the appeal.

Now UGO.com is saying Tyler Perry has been cast in his first movie that he didn’t write/direct/produce. He’ll be in Star Trek as head of Starfleet Academy, according to the article.

If you don’t want to know anything more, don’t keep reading. And you’re a total Trekkie.

The scene described by the “scooper” involves a courtroom scene where Perry stands in judgment of James T. Kirk (played by Chris Pine), who faces expulsion from the Starfleet after cheating on an exam.

The exam in question is rumored to be the Kobayashi Maru, which is hinted at in Star Trek II, that Kirk boasts about winning. The exam is designed to be a lose-lose situation to test captains in life and death situations, but Kirk finds a way to rig it in his favor. According to AICN’s random exclusive, Kirk cons a lady friend into altering the simulator for him.

I dunno about all this Kobayashi nonsense. The only Kobayashi I’m aware of is the bald-headed bad ass in The Usual Suspects.

I do know that if you’re going to cast a random guy in your movie for one or two scenes, why not make it a guy who draws $50 million from an otherwise untapped demographic (at least for Star Trek fanbase)?