The National Registry announced 25 more films that will be added to its vault, according to HR. This makes a total of 475 films that will be preserved in a vault because of their cultural significance.

Here is that list:
“Back to the Future” (1985)
“Bullitt” (1968)
“Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977)
“Dance, Girl, Dance” (1940)
“Dances With Wolves” (1990)
“Days of Heaven” (1978)
“Glimpse of the Garden” (1957)
“Grand Hotel” (1932)
“The House I Live In” (1945)
“In a Lonely Place” (1950)
“The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (1962)
“Mighty Like a Moose” (1926)
“The Naked City” (1948)
“Now, Voyager” (1942)
“Oklahoma!” (1955)
“Our Day” (1938)
“Peege” (1972)
“The Sex Life of the Polyp” (1928)
“The Strong Man” (1926)
“Three Little Pigs” (1933)
“Tol’able David” (1921)
“Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son” (1969-71)
“12 Angry Men” (1957)
“The Women” (1939)
“Wuthering Heights” (1939)

Back to the Future, baby. That definitely belongs in a giant vault somewhere for people to enjoy after the apocalypse. I’ll fight anyone right now that doesn’t agree. Meet me by the swings.


It’s also nice to see Close Encounters and 12 Angry Men make the list. Again… swings…

But I kind of disagree with some of the others. When the robots are dusting off their metallic hands after taking over the world, they’re not going to turn to each other and say, “Now where can we get a copy of Peege?”

What do you think should be added to the registry next year?