I always thought Alec Baldwin was a good actor. Looking back on his film history, he doesn’t exactly have a specific role that distinguishes him (other than maybe his break out in Hunt for Red October). But everyone knows him as the best Baldwin in the business.

This year I’ve been loving him on “30 Rock.” The guy is a huge part of making the show one of the funniest on TV and is very funny as the chronic host of “SNL.”

So it’s good to see him getting more work, especially during this lull with the writers strike. According to Variety, he’ll play an attorney in My Sister’s Keeper.

The movie is about a child (Elle Fanning) that sues her parents for emancipation (represented by Big Al Baldwin) after she discovers she was born to be a genetic match to her cancer-ridden sister (Dakota Fanning). The two girls’ mother will be played poorly by Cameron Diaz. It will be directed by Nick Cassavetes.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a winner, but at least they hired Baldwin. So that’s a start. Baldwin is great with kids, right?

Honestly this film sounds like a dud because it hits a little too close to home. Wasn’t little Elle Fanning bred to be an adorable organ donor for her older, more successful sister Dakota?