Last week George Miller hinted to an Australian newspaper that his Justice League of America hadn’t been affected by the WGA strike, and planned to film early next year. He also said it would be filmed under a new title.

Speculation was that they were simply dropping the “of America” in order to appeal to a broader, international audience. At least they’d get one thing right… right?

Well, two different websites are running two different rumors saying there’s an entirely new title: American Heroes.

AICN is saying that in a radio interview Christian Bale clarified that The Dark Knight had “nothing to do with AMERICAN HEROES, and their Batman will be different to our Batman.”

Then moviehole heard from a reporter friend of theirs that a staffer referred to it as “American Heroes.”

If this is really true, then what’s the point? You’re already competing with your own Batman and Superman franchises with a watered down ensemble movie. Then you cast a bunch of young people with no experience. Then you called it American Heroes so it can tank overseas like it will in the United States?

How does it make sense that G.I. Joe dropped “real American heroes” as a slogan recently and is going with an international acronym… but this doomed JLA movie is picking it up again as the possible title?

This will be as bad as Fantastic Four and its awful sequel, only without the accidental box office success.