In one of the slowest weekends of the year, it’s not surprising that a holdover and a family film took the top spot. Enchanted won again, taking another $17 million for a total so far of $70 big ones. It distanced itself from the competition despite a 51% drop.

For those of you who still haven’t seen it, or are planning to “relive the magic,” here’s a list of hidden references to other Disney classics (may contain spoilers for the predictable ending).

African-American favorite This Christmas stayed in second with $8.4 million.

Beowulf hung onto third with $7.9 million and a total of $68.6 million. It continues to top the foreign box office, where it seems to be nearing recouping $150 million budget. But still about 10% have come from the very small number of IMAX screens.

The only major release was Jessica Alba’s Awake, which wasn’t screened for critics, and apparently not many audiences either. $6 million was good enough for fourth place though (it only cost a reported $8.6 million to make). Of the small number of reviews that DID come in, the majority were negative. Except for Ebert, who gave it three stars. But even though I’ve heard it’s bad, I want to see what the big twist is. I’m crossing my fingers for “it’s all just a dream.”

The Golden Compass is scheduled for release this coming Friday, but had sneak peaks on 873 theaters Saturday. The studio said that over 50% were sold out (85% capacity overall).

Here’s your half animated, half live-action, half lame family film laden chart:
1. Enchanted $17 million
2. This Christmas $8.4 million
3. Beowulf $7.9 million
4. Awake $6 million
5. Hitman $5.8 million
6. Fred Claus $5.5 million
7. August Rush $5.2 million
8. No Country for Old Men $4.5 million
9. Bee Movie $4.5 million
10. American Gangster $4.3 million