Batman and Wonder Woman have finally been confirmed for the Justice League of America movie.

Batman will be played by a guy named Armie Hammer. Wonder Woman will be played by Australian model Megan Gale, according to AICN.

Both have little experience with acting (read: they came cheap). Armie “Baby Face” Hammer has just had guest spots on TV shows here and there and Megan Gale has hosted a lot of fashion shows.  Though, I have to admit that Gale is ridiculously hot.

But after all that build-up for months, especially with the hundreds of names rumored for Wonder Woman, this is pretty anticlimactic. I think anyone who cared about this movie just bailed.

These two complete the casting announcements for the core superhero five. To recap, Scott Porter is Superman, Common is the Green Lantern, and Adam Brody will be the Flash.

This movie is looking even worse than before. They want to slap together an ensemble superhero movie so bad they’ll cast anyone to get it going. They’ve cut too many corners for this to be good. The only way this can be decent at this point is if they decide to go motion capture, which would make sense with George Miller (Happy Feet) directing.

Just rename it Teen Titans so we can all accept these ridiculous actors.