I didn’t make a whole new post when McG was confirmed as the director for the new start to the old Terminator series with a new retitled trilogy, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Or just Terminator 4. Mostly because we knew over a month ago that McG was probably going to direct.

Well, Ain’t It Cool News, claims that have a “trusted source” that says Christian Bale has been cast as John Connor in the new franchise. In the story, Connor is the leader of the resistance in the human struggle against the machines.

I’m not sure I believe this scoop. It seems pretty far fetched, in my opinion. Who knows, maybe Bale will be in another “Begins” movie, but the idea of him working with McG is the more outrageous part of this.

At the very least it gives us an idea of what age they’re going for in this movie. It’s a good sign, because we’ll see an adult military leader and not a whining incapable kid.

CHUD is saying that Bale might be up for a Terminator role instead.  That’s the biggest load of… well… CHUD I’ve ever heard.

While you wait for this rumor to get killed, check out these sweet posters for the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV series set for January.