The big news from Variety is that Brad Pitt has left State of Play, which would have reunited him with Edward Norton.

Production was supposed to start in mid-November, but was delayed due to disputes between director Kevin Macdonald and Pitt over the script. Pitt signed on when he read the original Matthew Michael Carnahan script, but it has since been rewritten multiple times. He wanted to wait for a strike resolution before having the script reworked back its original state… of play.

This is definitely a huge blow the movie. It’s definitely possible some of the cast signed on is because Pitt and Norton were headlining. Now it looks like that’s falling apart, and one of the best lineups on the horizon is struggling.

This sounds similar to when Gosling left Lovely Bones recently, but was replaced by Mark Wahlberg. Well, Wahlberg is all booked up, so who are they going to get this time? Frank Stallone is probably free.

Pitt must have felt pretty strongly about it because, according to the article, he walked out of a “pay or play” deal and the possibility of being sued by the studio if they can’t find a replacement. Pitt’s representatives have disputed that claim saying he never agreed to a final script and that he didn’t violate any contracts. They also cited “The Pitt Defense,” which consists of someone gesturing to him and saying, “But he’s Brad Pitt.”

On top of that, if they aren’t able to find someone by November 29 they will start losing some of the other A-listers. The rest of the cast includes Jason Bateman, Helen Mirren, Robin Wright Penn, Kevin Macdonald, and Rachel McAdams.