New ‘Cloverfield’ Trailer

A new trailer is playing in front of Beowulf this weekend for J.J. Abrams’s monster movie. It has gone through an insane amount of rumored names, starting with 1-18-08 from the original teaser (which also happens to be the release date).

One of the names kicked around was the production title “Cloverfield” which Abrams denied being the final name for the film. Well, turns out J.J. is a liar with hipster glasses.

The trailer for his movie ended with the title Cloverfield.

What the hell, Abrams. Everyone talks about your movie since it debuted in front of Transformers month ago trying to solve the inane riddles and red herrings, and you reward your new rabid fans by saying, “Ha ha, you knew it all along!”

I don’t want to tell you how to run your awful viral marketing campaign, but how about introducing something NEW that gets people talking? A tiny flash of a random monster in another unrevealing trailer isn’t going to cut it.

One of the characters in the trailer says, “People are going to want to know, how it all went down…” That sounds about right.

I won’t link to it because I don’t want to make this a double cease and desist week. But I’m sure there’s a tube out there for you that has what you’re looking for.

But the quality isn’t that great. It looks like the guy filmed it with his cell phone or one of those over the shoulder cams from the early 90’s. Hopefully they’ll do the right thing and put a better quality version up this weekend.

When this movie finally comes out in January this will likely be as big of a let down as the official title. Snakes on a Plane anyone?

Check Out Cloverfield Movie Trailer Above!